Toronto’s DISARM Magazine Premieres Two New Logan Lynn Videos From Upcoming Live EP

I have a live EP coming out January 31st — my first release for Banana Stand Records — and the good folks at Toronto’s Disarm Magazine have the exclusive premiere of the first two videos today on their site!

Watch “Underground (Live)” and “My Movie Star (Live)” featuring Glasys on keys now, only at Disarm Mag HERE, or keep reading below for the transcript.

From Disarm Magazine: (1/6/20)

Portland-based musician Logan Lynn has announced a new 4 track live EP, Unpeeled, to be released January 31st on Banana Stand Records. This is a brand new format for the multifaceted Logan Lynn, who has never before released a live record/performance like this. Unpeeled also marks his debut with Portland’s Banana Stand Media, a staple of the Portland / Pacific Northwest that works to preserve the live sounds of the indie music scene. Lynn, who is also a producer, filmmaker, mental health advocate, and LGBT activist, partnered with actor-comedian and podcaster turned producer friend Jay Mohr on 2018’s multi-media project My Movie Star which included a short film and a double album of new material featuring an eclectic and impressive mix of guest stars including The Dandy Warhols, Jerrid James, Rian Lewis, Tiffany and others. Here, as in 2016’s Adieu, Lynn’s music is incisive, clear and evocative, leaving no stone unturned in its quest for authentic expression and love. But in a departure from that record, Lynn no longer sounds isolated. My Movie Star invites more voices to the party.

Unpeeled features stripped-down versions of songs recorded for My Movie Star. The two songs we’re premiering make a perfect introduction to the four track release, as both offer simmering statements and heartfelt expression as they grapple with emotional place and health, and questions of trust: “Are you my movie star? (or are you my sorrow…)”

DISARM Magazine is pleased to offer this exclusive premiere of the first two videos, for the songs “Underground” and “My Movie Star”, recorded at Portland’s Classic Pianos, featuring GLASYS on piano.


Unpeeled: Logan Lynn – "Underground" from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.


Unpeeled: Logan Lynn – "My Movie Star" from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.

We can also reveal that the four tracks to be included are:

Underground (Acoustic)

My Movie Star (Acoustic)

Like Before (Acoustic)

Big City Now (Acoustic)

Look for this exciting new release on Friday, January 31st, 2020!

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