Wrapping Up 6 Months of Songwriting…

We are wrapping up the past 6 months of songwriting for this new record and I listened through all of the demos last night for the first time.

I think the absolute madness of this era has reached me in ways that it just hadn’t been able to previously. I am dazzlingly happy and hopeful about some things, but deeply sad and confused about others. These new songs seem to reflect that. I feel changed by it all.

And yeah ok I guess hold me or whatever.


4 more days.

Logan Lynn: “New Money” LIVE — 6.30.22 (6pm PST / 9pm EST on the Kill Rock Stars YouTube channel)

All proceeds donated to support the work of the Tegan And Sara Foundation.

Presented by Kill Rock Stars

Featuring Logan Lynn and Isaiah Esquire

Filmed at The Dandy Warhols’ Odditorium in Portland, Oregon

Sound Production by Gino Mari

Video Production by Banana Stand Media 

Directed and Edited by Cai Indermaur

Camera Operation by Cai Indermaur, Darren Hartman, and Jesse Newell

Post-Production Color Work by Darren Hartman 

Lighting Design and Programming by Robert Reimanis, Greenlight Creative

Photography by Josué Rivas for Indígena

Logan’s wardrobe, jewelry, and accessories by Alessandro Michele for Gucci

Special thanks to: Gay People 🌈, Slim Moon, The Whole KRS Team, Isaiah Esquire, The Dandy Warhols, Portugal. The Man, Alessandro Michele, Gucci, X-Laser USA, Silver PR, Girlie Action, Redeye Distribution, The Planetary Group, Terrorbird Media…and Pretty Baby doggo ❤️

© Kill Rock Stars (2022) www.KillRockStars.gay

KRS Pride is here!

The Kill Rock Stars Pride Month livestream events are here! KRS is honoring Pride by hosting four virtual events throughout the month of June, each as a donation drive in collaboration with Tegan and Sara Foundation. The streaming events will take place on June 9th, 16th, 23rd, and will conclude with my album release show on the 30th!

The first Pride livestream is tomorrow so tune in. (6pm PT / 9pm ET) on the Kill Rock Stars YouTube channel here.

(📸 Josué Rivas for INDÍGENA)





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