Portland/San Francisco-based photographer Jeffrey Horvitz has an ongoing photo series called Queer Aperture which features the diversity of the LGBTQ community in even more diverse scenarios, pairing the photos with subject interviews. I was asked to participate and ended up having a shoot with him last week. The result was a sort-of Satanic goat priest experience. It’s super creepy. ha ha ha – You can check out my favorite shot below. The people in the photo were just passing by and called themselves “God-Fearing” just before the pic was taken. It was perfection. To see the rest of the photos as they are posted, CLICK HERE. To redirect to the Queer Aperture website to see more of Jeffrey Horvitz’s work, CLICK HERE.


QA: What is your name?

LL: Logan Lynn

QA: How long have you lived in Portland?

LL: I originally moved here in ’96 but have had tragic attempts at other cities sprinkled throughout. I always come back. Portland is home.

QA: What is the first time you noticed that Gayness existed?

LL: I was raised in a notoriously anti-gay fundamentalist Christian cult in Nebraska so I knew about gayness very early on…mostly as a way to get sent straight to hell, though. When I was a child my dentist had a poster of Magnum P.I. hanging on the ceiling above the chair so I stared at Tom Selleck’s chest hair for an hour every 6 months while I was getting my teeth cleaned growing up. I’m pretty sure that’s what did it.

QA: What would you consider a guilty pleasure?

The Real Housewives of ANYWHERE. Gimme.

QA: Your having a dinner party of 6 , whom would you invite?

LL: My boyfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law and best friend. I prefer having dinner with people who actually know me and still love me over dinners with famous strangers who don’t give a shit.

QA: What would you consider a perfect meal?

LL: Some sort of Mexican fiesta.

QA: What would be a perfect day off?

LL: Sleep in late, watch TV in bed until I get hungry, eat things, play with the dog, play with the man, watch more TV, eat more things, get back in bed, play with the man some more, go to sleep.

QA: Favorite book?

LL: “A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey.

QA: Favorite movie?

LL: “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”

QA: Favorite word?

LL: Dude

QA: Least favorite word?

LL: Church

QA: Favorite swear word?

LL: Jesus

QA: What is your profession?

LL: Pop Musician/Activist

QA: If you could with a snap of a finger what would be another profession you would like to do?

LL: If I could snap my finger and get something I would snap myself into independent wealth and never work again.

QA: Whom would you like to meet dead or alive?

LL: My grandmother. We never met. I hear she was pretty cool. She gave Jonny Cash singing and piano lessons on the piano I learned on.

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