Logan Lynn & The Portland Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence Team Up To Raise Money For Outside In

Logan Lynn Portland Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence Matt Alber (2013)

I agreed to be one of the guest panelists for an upcoming Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence event at Crush in Portland on May 19th called “One Nun, Few Peeps”. It’s a fundraiser for Outside In, and it’s a take on Logo’s 1 girl 5 gays. I will be one of said gays, answering questions about (and I quote) “innuendo, intrigue and why we get that tingly sensation whenever we see a hot dog in a bun!” on stage.

Oh my god, friends. What have I gotten myself into???!!!

My homegirl Sister The Vegan Mary is going to be on the panel with me alongside Sister Krissy Fiction, James Lindquist, Zora Phoenix, & Athens Scities Foxx from the Rose Court…and the whole thing is hosted by Novice Sister Bertha Byotch. Don’t miss it!

Click HERE to RSVP.

P.S. – Yes. That’s Grammy Award-winning pop star Matt Alber in this photo with me and the Portland Sisters. He won’t be at this event with us, other than he holds a special place in my heart so he is kinda always there.


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