WATCH: Logan Lynn Releases Documentary Film About Controversial Inter-Community Dialogue Project Between Mars Hill Church and Portland’s LGBTQ Community (VIDEO)

River Rocks Thrown Through Mars Hill Church WIndown (Lead With Love Documentary by Logan Lynn) 2014

Those of you who followed me while I was doing community work for Portland’s Q Center between 2010-2014 are most likely already familiar with the story of my Inter-Community Dialogue Project between the LGBTQ Community and Mars Hill Church…or, at least, you might think you are familiar.

I have been sitting on a documentary I made over the course of those years, but with everything going on in the world right now, it feels important to finally let people know what REALLY happened.

One major note that’s not captured in the film, is that Mars Hill Church members from our group subsequently denounced the teachings of their former leader and disassembled all of their congregations after we shot the final scenes.

Here is our story…

Watch “Lead With Love”


What happens when an out, gay musician befriends an anti-gay church leader?

Notoriously anti-gay conservative evangelical megachurch Mars Hill landed in Portland, Oregon in 2011.  The public reacted swiftly in protest of the arrival of these unwelcome ideals and the media picked up the story of their purchase of “the castle” immediately.

When local musician and LGBTQ activist Logan Lynn, who was working as the spokesperson and publicist for Portland’s Q Center at the time, was quoted in The Oregonian as saying he would “extend an olive branch“ and “be respectful of them and try to make friends“ – and then he proceeded to do just that — all hell broke loose in the media, as well as in the community.

From broken windows to broken hearts, through death threats and violence, this is the true story of what can happen when sworn enemies set aside their differences and get to know one another as people.

“People have been telling the story of what happened between me and Mars Hill Church completely wrong for years,” Lynn says about the controversial inter-community dialogue project, which he created. “I gave up correcting strangers and the media half a decade ago, but I also made this documentary as it was all happening so that the truth could someday be told. That someday is now.”

After the final scenes of Logan Lynn’s “Lead With Love” documentary were shot, the controversial founder and leader of the church, Mark Driscoll, resigned and all of the Mars Hill Church congregations were dissolved across the nation.


Film Credits

“Lead With Love”
A Documentary Film by Logan Lynn.
Produced in Partnership with Tim Smith.
Filmed: 2011-2014 / Released: January 31st, 2017

Dawn Menken
Logan Lynn
Tim Smith

Directed by Logan Lynn
Filmed by Rowan Wren
Edited by Erika Kurth
Music by Logan Lynn

Featured Songs:

“Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen”
A cappella spiritual performed by Logan Lynn.
Appears on Logan Lynn:
“Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks”
(2012 Logan Lynn Music)

“We Were Around Before”
Original song written and performed by Logan Lynn.
Appears on Logan Lynn:
“Everything You Touch Turns To Gold” EP
(2011 Logan Lynn Music)

Featured Videos:

News clip appears courtesy of KGW Newschannel 8, Portland.
Mars Hill Church footage appears courtesy of Mars Hill Church.

Special Thanks To:

The participants of the small group dialogue project and to Dawn Menken for volunteering her time and skills as facilitator. This would not have been possible without each of you.

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