WATCH: BuzzBands LA Premieres Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “My Movie Star” Featurette (VIDEO)


Well, friends? It’s finally here.

Thanks to BuzzBands.LA for hosting the exclusive premiere of the “My Movie Star” Featurette I made with Jay Mohr, GLASYS, Kevin Forrest and a whole bunch of talented creatures. Watch it HERE or by clicking play in the transcript below.

From BuzzBands.LA: (2/22/2018)


Score one for the piano man.

The latest work from prolific and mercurial singer-songwriter Logan Lynn — the Portland-based writer, media personality and activist — comes in the way of “My Movie Star,” a 12 1/2-minute featurette soundtracked by three songs from Lynn’s forthcoming album. Co-produced by the songwriter’s champion, actor/comedian/radio host Jay Mohr, it tells the sweet story of an underdog lounge performer who might finally get his due.

There’s good reason that Mohr, in talking about the 2016 album “Adieu,” called Lynn’s music “a victory for the broken bones and bruised hearts that support our heavy souls. For anyone that has ever felt disconnected, unheard, under-appreciated or unrequited …” Lynn’s open-hearted narratives have enjoyed wide embrace, especially in the Portland community (the Dandy Warhols have been a early booster, the Thermals’ Hutch Harris profiled him for the city’s alt-weekly) where the 38-year-old has become a mental health advocate and LGBTQ activist.

Lynn’s full-length “My Movie Star,” out later this year, will actually be a multi-media double album, with remixes and covers — and it will feature collaborations with ’80s pop singer Tiffany, the Dandy Warhols, Jarryd James and Rian Lewis, among others. The 10-song collection was culled from Lynn’s “Steinway sessions” — writing sessions he streamed online for his fans. In recording them, GLASYS, the keyboard wiz who works with T-Pain, became a major player, and Mohr (“Saturday Night Live, “Jerry Maguire” and many others) not only co-produces but is co-writer on a couple of songs.

“Back when my last record was about to come out, I did Jay’s podcast and the interview went super deep,” Lynn says. “From there, he was one of the first to review that album and we’ve been pretty inseparable ever since. When I started writing all of these new songs I was sending them to him because we were hanging out and he really organically started giving me feedback. That led to officially co-producing and, in some cases, co-writing the album with me. Jay completely inspired the process and pushed me into this exposed, really quiet place over the course of the next year.

“At the end of the day, the songs ended up being all kinds of magic. The entire ‘My Movie Star’ project would not have happened without Jay’s belief in me and this unwavering vision he had of where my music was supposed to go next. He was right.”

Speaking of going places, William Adkins stars as the actor in the video triptych, which follows Lynn from a lounge, to the city sidewalks to a freeway underpass. It’s tonic for anybody dreaming of finding their movie star, metaphorical or real, and for those who think movies should have a happy ending.

||| Watch: “My Movie Star”

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