Logan Lynn’s “My Movie Star” Tour Debacle Featured in IndiePulse Music Magazine This Week

The entire “My Movie Star” tour debacle is featured on the homepage of IndiePulse Music Magazine today.

Click HERE to check it out on IndiePulse Music, or keep reading below for the transcript.

From IndiePulse Music Magazine: (2/16/19)

“Portland, Oregon-based musician Logan Lynn, whom anticipated an amazing journey of music and new self-discovery hits major “Pot-Hole” in planning due to unforeseen, or imaginable circumstances and has cancelled his planned 2019 “My Movie Star” North American Tour.

Logan Lynn backstage - Summer Tour (2018)

Lynn’s tour saga, which involves an international criminal scandal involving Class B RV Manufacturing giants RoadTrek and Erwin Hymer Group, was published in a statement on the artist’s website Friday, February 15th.

In an additional email sent directly to fans on Friday, Logan Lynn wrote:

‘Those of you who have been following my#VanLife adventure since my professional pivot into the wild last year may have been scratching your head about why I seem to have not really gone on any sort of adventure at all. Some of you have reached out to see what happened to our fall tour plans, or why I haven’t come to visit, even recreationally. Some of you just think I’m being a lazy rich kid who can’t be bothered (and have told me so). But those of you who know me in real life have picked up on the fact that not everything has gone as planned out here, concern that I seem to be parked and isolating in remote corners of the Pacific NW. 

The reality is, #VanLife is f***ed. We are canceling the tour all thanks to an international scandal at RoadTrek Motorhomes. It’s a story that’s as stupid as it is long, but it’s all in the statement on my website if you’re interested. We were supposed to announce the bands and cities March 1st for shows beginning in spring, but instead, it’s canceled. All of it. I’ve been dodging questions and playing along, but no more. I’ve tried everything I can think of to make this tour work, but it’s just not going to – at least not this year. In the meantime, I’ve decided to pivot again professionally. I can’t say more about that just yet, but I have been exploring several pathways toward something super exciting and meaningful, and will absolutely share all of that once I can. My priority right now is reuniting myself with the regular world and I’ve been working diligently to make that happen without having to tour, since touring right now is clearly not one of the options.’

Logan Lynn LIVE on Stage in Seattle Washington

Read Logan Lynn’s full public statement here:

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