In response to the post on my site about my going to work full time for Q Center and how the only way to get my new record is by donating directly to the center I have been getting tons of emails asking not only what the hell I’m doing but why the hell I’m doing it. I responded to one such wall post on my Facebook music page and figured it made enough sense to post for the rest of you. Hopefully this explains it. If not, please feel free to hit me up directly. I’d love to chat with you further about Q Center and my involvement there anytime.

To begin with, my motivation is deeply personal. As an out queer person growing up in the Midwest in the 90’s there were no safe places for me to be myself. To me, that is what the Q Center is. It’s a place where ALL queer people can be themselves openly without the fear of judgment or danger. I recently became involved after some of my friends were gay bashed in Portland during the Rose Festival. If you care to read more about my history leading up to this point and what has been the primary motivator for this you can check out this blog post I wrote just after said bashings happened HERE.

Q Center is at the forefront of not only local change for the LGBTQ community, but statewide and national change. It is the only community center of its type in Oregon. I recently was particularly drawn to Kendall Clawson (the Executive Director of the center) after receiving THIS NOTE in a Q Center email. After I heard that I was like “This lady is doing exactly what I am wanting to do only instead of just being emotional and writing about her feelings (which is what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years) she follows it up with actually CHANGING things for our community at large.” I felt compelled to reach out to her to let her know where I was with wanting to change my everyday life and get involved with something I am passionate about and it all just kinda clicked.

I believe in Kendall’s cause and the work the center does. I’m raising money for them so I can come on board full time as assistant to the Director and office everyman from Sept. 1st – Jan. 1st, then see where we’re at with the whole thing. They need me there NOW, not in 4 months when the fiscal year ends. That is why I am raising this money. I figured I could either sell the record myself and put the money into the center or give people the opportunity to get involved with my next steps themselves, have a tax deduction, and get the new songs all at the same time. I could really use your help making this happen. Please share the following link with friends: and, of course, donate whatever you can. The more money I raise for Q Center before September 1st the more people we can help. Let me know if you have any questions.

To participate in this fundraiser for Q Center and get my new, unreleased record for free CLICK HERE. For more information on Q Center CLICK HERE.

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