Logan Lynn Interviewed by Sugarbang This Week on Life, Love, Working with Marina and The Diamonds, and More!

I was interviewed by the folks over at this week. We chatted about tons of stuff. Check it out on their site HERE, or just keep reading below…

From Sugarbang, 7/26/2012:

We’re so excited to bring you guys an exclusive interview with SugarBanger regular, Logan Lynn! His current single (and dance pop anthem) “Turn Me Out” was featured on our HUMP DAY MIX a few weeks back and now he has an accompanying music video that came out a few days ago! The Portland-based electro pop singer/songwriter is incredibly geniune and frank and it all oozes out in his work. His candor responses about his music, inspiration and what it’s like to be an out artist was quite refreshing to hear. So without further adieu, let’s dive in!

Sugarbang: Tell us about your single “Turn Me Out” and the concept for the music video.

Logan Lynn: The song is about longing for your partner to want you, about the complexities of intimacy between two people who are very close…ultimately it’s about my wanting to get fucked and be loved by the man I love. As for the video, the concept all gets credited to Director Curtis Speer. It was his photography which led me to working with him on this video. He has a very particular point of view which I think is great. There’s something so haunting about his photographs.

Sugarbang: Your album Tramp Stamps & Birthmarks is dropping on 12/4/12. What can we expect from the album? Will there be more epic dance anthems similar to “Turn Me Out”?

Logan Lynn: Yeah, this one is a high energy pop banger start to finish, it seems. My writing partner is David Appaloosa, who is also in a band called THE HUGS, and he is this 22 year old partyboy who has been able to really tap into my inner 22 year old party boy in the studio. It’s also Gino Mari’s production. Dude’s a synthpop nerd genius. With all three of us on the case the songs are coming out as this hybrid of our strengths and it’s been really exciting.

Sugarbang: Do you have a muse or inspiration when writing your music? How do you get your creative juices flowing?

Logan Lynn: This time around I have been using joy as my muse. It’s a different experience than I’m used to, having built a career around unhappiness up to this point…but I think this is working better, people are into it, so…happy record it is. I’m only any good when I am telling the truth. That’s a lot of why people feel a connection to me or to my songs. I didn’t set out to make a “happy record”. It just happens that I’m feeling good these days. That’s my truth. I hope it lasts.

Sugarbang: As an out and proud musician and an activist in the LGBT community, do you feel pressured to be a role model?

Logan Lynn: I never used to care about that but in recent years, particularly as my audience has grown larger, I have felt very aware of the fact that people are watching, or talking, or waiting somehow for me to fuck up. My strategy since my 1st record came out when I was 17 has been to own my mistakes, particularly those made in public before cleaning up my act in 2007, so that everyone already knows everything and there is nothing for anyone to find out down the road. It’s liberating to pull your guts out and show people what’s in there. I don’t know if that makes a person a role model, but it takes courage to be so exposed for sure.

Sugarbang: Who would you love to collaborate with? Are any of them your influences?

Logan Lynn: MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS is is at the top of that list right now. She completely slays me and influences me to no end. The same goes for Karen Peris from THE INNOCENCE MISSION.

Sugarbang: What songs do you have on repeat right now?

Logan Lynn: I’ve been listening to my friend Ruth’s band CHROMATICS a lot lately. Their new record “Kill For Love” is the best thing ever. I’m obviously still totally freaking over Marina and The Diamonds’ “Electra Heart” record as well. Start to finish on both of those. They are perfect records all the way through.

Sugarbang: Will you come hang out with us next time you’re in LA? We’d love us a hot ginger like you!

Logan Lynn: Of course. Can I bring my boyfriend?

Sugarbang: Yes, of course you can bring him! I’ll bring mine too. Logan, thank you again for talking with us. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs on the album. December cannot come soon enough!”

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