Logan Lynn (2009)

Well, if you didn’t already think I was CRAZY, you will after you read the interview I did with “Truth Explosion” Magazine about the first night I spent in rehab in the beginning of 2008. CLICK HERE to check it out at their site, or you can read the transcript below.

Truth Explosion Magazine (2009)

From “Truth Explosion” Magazine:

“Logan Lynn: “Demons And White Light Saved My Life”

When I was about 12 years old I went to a sleepover and watched the original Chucky movie – I was so scared that, in order to keep myself from freaking out, I stayed up all night and counted all the stitches in a rug…it worked.

Logan Lynn: A couple of years back, after a 16-year cocaine addiction, I entered a specialty drug rehab clinic in St. Helens, Oregon.

Truth.Explosion.Magazine: Can you tell us about your first night there?

LL: The first night of my rehab experience in St. Helens was literally hell on earth.

TEM: Hell on earth huh? That’s pretty intense…

LL: I had the worst pain all through my body, massive paranoia…I was not functioning and had completely lost what was left of my humanity at that point.

TEM: Sounds so horrible…

LL: I was 10 hours or so into detox and suddenly, in the middle of the night, my room filled with a bright white light. Then all I could hear was screaming…not human screaming.

TEM: What sort of screaming?

LL: This was animal-like, mixed with human screams and it was coming from outside the window. The lights were so bright I couldn’t see, and then suddenly, it stopped.

TEM: All right, so you weren’t joking about the “hell on earth” bit – did you make a break for it?

LL: I was paralyzed with fear and could not bring myself to move an inch or say a word.

TEM: Woah.

LL: Then, without warning…the white light filled my room again.

TEM: And the screaming?

LL: The screaming was louder, sounding closer…and there were wolves or dogs barking as well. Then, nothing.

TEM: You must have been freaking out!?

LL: I was sure that this was the end and that I was dying…about to be taken to hell by demons or whatever…

TEM: Well I’m glad you’re still with us today…

LL: Man, me too.

TEM: So, did the demons ever come back?

LL: Yes. When the light filled my room the 3rd time, though, I felt a calmness come over me. I thought, “Well, I’m just not going to let them take me. I’m not going anywhere.” Like…I wasn’t going to be taken without a fight.

TEM: Must have been such an intense night! So what happened next?

LL: I fell asleep in the early morning and when I woke up, I joined the rest of the group.

TEM: How did you feel?

LL: I felt human again, like the poison and fear had left my body. I was thinking about what I had gone through during my detox, having flashbacks of the fight to stay alive and not get sucked out of the window.

TEM: A lot to think about for sure!

LL: Totally. At meal time, someone at my table started talking about how annoying it has been to be on the South side of the building the past few nights.

TEM: Umm why’s that?

LL: Due to the bright lights and loud noise from the movie they were shooting in the park across the street.

TEM: Hah! Ohhh my!

LL: Yeah. It turns out that there had been no demons and the white light was movie lights positioned where they shined directly into my room.

TEM: I can’t believe that! What jerks!

LL: The “Twilight” franchise had been shooting some kind of spooky vampire action sequence all night my first night there and THAT was why there had been so much screaming.


LL: I didn’t know what it was at the time. It was before the first one came out.

TEM: Oh.

LL: The event had been manufactured by some art director in Hollywood, not some higher being, but it had forever changed me.

TEM: So you faced some fears?

LL: Definitely. I had found some strength inside, some resolve to live, during the night I spent alone, “fighting” to stay in this world.

TEM: That’s pretty cool – but more importantly – Did you see ROBERT PATTINSON? You know…RPattz!?

LL: Ha ha ha. I saw many things that night, but Mr. Pattinson wasn’t a main character, no.

TEM: All joking aside – I think it’s a pretty amazing thing you have done for yourself.

LL: It sure beats dying a miserable, slow death and dragging everyone you know and love along for the ride. I’m happy we all made it through.

TEM: Totally. And how are you now?

LL: I’ve since had a successful time of staying clean and repairing what was damaged in my life…in no small part thanks to the “Twilight” movie franchise and their manufactured end-of-the-world nightmare which, ultimately, helped traumatize me just enough to save my life.

TEM: Well congratulations. I have one final question – what is the “truth” about Logan Lynn?

LL: It’s silly, but I believe the hell of that first night, that fear of being dragged by demons into the blinding white light, into the screaming, left me with a general resolve to make it through. I had tapped into some determination to pick up the pieces and hold on for my life…to not be taken out against my will. I had been so afraid for so long before that night and found myself suddenly fearless after, ready to take on the task of getting well and making things right. Silver lining…”

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