Logan Lynn Interviewed by Accidental Bear This Week!

I chatted with the queers over at Accidental Bear this week. They interviewed me in advance of my new single “Turn Me Out”, which comes out this Tuesday (June 5th). We talked about love, being a whore, activism, loss, and a whole heaping mess of other stuff. Click HERE to check it out or you can read the transcript below.

From Accidental Bear (5/31/2012):

“Q & A With Lovely Ginger Logan Lynn Back From Two Year Hiatus: New Single “Turn Me Out” Out June 5th!”

Accidental Bear: Logan Lynn, musician and activist. What other things can you add to that list?

Logan Lynn: I generally just say Musician, Writer, and LGBT Activist when pairing it down.

A B: We are totally excited about your new single! Tell us a little about it?

Logan: It’s called “Turn Me Out” and is basically about me being a whore for the man I love. I worked with David Appaloosa from Portland pop group The Hugs on the musical part and Gino Mari produced it. We recorded it at The Country Club studios in Portland. After putting out that acoustic EP of love songs late last year I think everyone kinda figured I was working on an acoustic record, which I’m not. It’s nice to be coming back with a dirty, sweaty dance pop experience instead. I like to keep people guessing.

A B: If you were to win a fancy award at a Music Award show, who would you thank that have helped you to get you where you are today?

Logan: My partner, my dearly departed dog friend Dutch, and everyone who didn’t believe in me along the way. I’ve always found the disbelief of others to be highly motivating. Oh, and god…for fucking me over so hard.

A B: We have been following your involvement at the Q Center there in Portland and can say we are proud of the work you are doing. How did you get involved with the Q Center and what is it?

Logan: Thanks! Q Center is Portland’s LGBT community center. We work with all populations of queer people and have all types of programs and services. I got involved after a couple of my friends were gay bashed in 2010 and ended up giving the proceeds of “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday”, my last studio album, to them as a result. In the years since I’ve worked on a variety of projects there. I think of myself as a radical queer, and this is what that looks like at the moment.

A B: We have noticed that you also write for the Huffington Post. How is that working out for you?

Logan: Great! It’s amazing to have a platform like gay voices to be able to speak my mind weekly about whatever I feel like speaking to. I’m fully aware of the power in that and try to write accordingly.

A B: How would you compare the attitude of gay youth today compared to when you were a teen?

Logan: I didn’t know any other gay youth when I was a teen. I came out at the age of 14 in 1994 in the midwest and it just wasn’t very common for queer people my age to be openly themselves back then. I think the attitude of this new generation is much more open, much more free. In my current work with queer youth and homeless youth I am always struck by how confident many of them seem. I was nowhere near as confident at that stage in the game. It speaks to changes in media and our culture in general, I think…also, I’m in Portland now as opposed to rural Kansas. That part doesn’t hurt.

A B: What was your response to Donna Summers passing and now Robin Gibb?

Logan: Everyone seems to be dying this year. It’s a theme so far.

A B: If you could choose a movie title for your life right now what would it be?

Logan: “The Crying Game”. My dog just passed away this past weekend and I’m a fuckin’ mess. Also, I have a dick under my dress. Surprise!

A B: What is something that makes you nervous or anxious?

Logan: Being outside of my house.

A B: What other singer live or dead would be your dream duet?

Logan: I’m gonna say Gotye, only because he has the #1 song in the country right now and I would love to piggyback off his success a little. If we were going on pure dream duets, free of ladder climbing, I would say Karen Peris from The Innocence Mission. I love her.

A B: What does this next year hold for you?

Logan: Good things! The rest of the record should be making its way out to everyone’s ears later this year, and we have some new videos on the way, as well as my having started writing a book. So busy! Fun, though. I love this new material and I love working with David and Gino. The 2 year break really did me good. Everything seems exciting and new again, which is really great. I hope people dig the new single and I can’t wait for folks to hear the rest of the record.

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