Logan Lynn (2009)

The largest glossy LGBT Magazine in the UK “GT” ran a story about me in this month’s issue on page 100. For those of you “over yonder” you can pick it up anywhere. For the rest of you in the states, “GT” Magazine is available at Borders, Powell’s, and any specialty bookstore that’s worth going to.

GT Magazine (2009)

They also ran an interview they did with me on their website today which you can read HERE, or check out the full transcript below.

From “GT” Magazine: (11/26/2009)

We ran a short profile piece of gay electro artist Logan Lynn in the latest issue of GT, but here’s a more indepth chat with the fella, for you onliners…

GT: You seem very positive about the “apocalyptic” state of the music industry, do you think this is a result of being close to your fans? Are you close to them?

LL: Yeah, I do feel close to them…I know their names and am in daily communication with them online via social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter & Dlist and have been for years at this point. My whole operation has been slowly grown from those sites and I don’t think for a second that any of this would be happening were it not for my original fans who helped get the word out initially and continue to.

Honestly, I never knew the music industry “before” so I am not as traumatized by the changes in how things are done now in the digital age. I think the tearing down of the old way has opened the door for artists to re-connect with their fans and figure out what is valuable to THEM as opposed to just kicking back, printing some CD’s and calling it a day. It’s very much trial and error in many ways…I’ll try one thing and it works, I’ll try other stuff and it won’t. You have to be ok with failing in order to find success I think, and over time (with the help of my label and other smart folks in my camp) I’m figuring out how to learn from the mistakes and make fewer of them.

I think the key is to be genuine and listen to the people who you want to listen to you. Plain and simple, nobody gives a shit about your stupid songs if you don’t give a shit about them in return. I’m actually in it for those connections with people…it helps me feel like I’m a part of something, like I’m not totally alone in the world.

GT: How has it helped having The Dandy Warhols on your side?

LL: It’s been so awesome to have them take me under their wing and essentially open the door to the musical universe for me to walk through. Courtney (Taylor-Taylor) believed in me during a time when I was really struggling back in 2007. He gave me advice, told me to get my shit together, got Zia, Brent & Peter on board who then signed me to their label and let me come into their studio with their engineers for two years to finally make a proper record. It’s been immeasurably helpful to get to learn first hand from a band which has been hugely successful for the past 15 years. I feel lucky to have access to their lessons and have them watching my back. Their main goal for the label is to support bands who they dig and make sure that none of us gets screwed over as we go. It’s a pretty incredible family of like-minded individuals. I feel lucky to be a part of it.

GT: Your album sticker likens you to Lykke Li, Ladytron and Goldfrapp, do you feel an affinity with these acts? What’s the greatest compliment anyone has given about your record?

LL: Well, I always have a hard time when people ask me to compare myself to similar artists…thank god I’m on a label now so someone else does all of that stuff for promo stickers and things. I totally love all 3 of those bands though, and do see why people often make comparisons between us. I think we all fall somewhere on the darker side of the electropop wheel and probably have many of the same people in our fanbases.

As far as the greatest compliment about my record is concerned, it still amazes me that my musical hero “Styrofoam” digs it and did a remix for one of the tracks for my 4-part Remix EP Collection “Blood In The Water” which we are releasing as well. While the EP collection was taking shape, I was in contact with a lot of bands who I have SO much respect for and have for years. Those moments were really something. I remember thinking more than a few times how strange it was that I just had a conversation with these people who I grew up listening to and that they were now listening to my record, knew my name, etc. completely blew my mind. It was super cool and gave me an initial dose of bravery to then take it out to the rest of the world.

GT: ‘Bottom Your Way To The Top’ begs the question, is that your plan? Are you a power bottom?

LL: Oh, man. That’s some question. ha ha ha

It is safe to say that is NOT my plan. That song was written after that was screamed at me by my former partner and is about bottoming out on drugs as much as it is about sex. I was a huge fuck-up before I got my shit together in 2007…when I came out of rehab I had a 16 year mess to clean up. There are many things I’ve been able to repair in the past couple of years since I quit doing copious amounts of blow and drinking all day every day, but many things were broken beyond repair, including that relationship.

As far as being a power bottom is concerned, can I just say “I’m Versatile” and leave it at that?

GT: Do you think sexuality affects the music you make? How/How doesn’t it?

LL: Yes, definitely. My songs tend to be about life and love and the complication which surround those two…sex and sexuality is a part of my human experience, so I explore it sonically just like I do with the rest of what makes me who I am, ugly bits and all. I tend to put things out there that make me uncomfortable in the hopes that some comfort will come as a result of the words leaving my head and finding their way onto paper. Sex confuses me…being alive confuses me…so, I write about it. I write about my blunders, I write about my awkwardness, I write about whatever has enveloped my life at any given time. The only thing I know for sure is that the songs only work if I’m honest. People only want to hear about things if they are real. The day I start trying to write something I wish were true is the day everybody will stop listening.

GT: Do you have plans to come to the UK?

LL: Yes! I would love that. Right now I have been playing festivals and select shows in the United States and am planning a US Tour of some sort for next year…after that, though…ACROSS THE POND!!! Fun.

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